My name is Alana Cloutier, and I am running to represent District 9 in the Kansas House of Representatives. Here’s the new statewide map.

I pay attention to what’s happening in Topeka, and I don’t much like what I see. I see a lot of bipartisan issues that Kansans want pushed aside for issues that play well for fundraising. There’s also a lack of transparency around who is writing bills, if they are even from Kansas or an out of state “bill mill.” There’s very little information given to the public -or members of the legislature- on when the bills will be voted on, and there's just a lot of playing fast and loose with the rules. Those rules exist for a reason, and single party rule via the Republican supermajority is getting in the way of stuff getting done in Topeka, and that’s bad news for everyone in Kansas. We need to get back to bi-partisan governing, and the only way to do that is to flip a couple of seats.

Alana handing out postcards at the D.C. Women’s March, January 2017

In 2022 rural Kansas is not the power center of the Democratic party, or the Republican party. The KS GOP platform, a document that is a summary of the party’s goals and values, does not include the word “rural.” Or “farm,” “farmer,” or “rancher.” For a party that represents most of rural Kansas in the Legislature, that’s disappointing. The cities are making decisions for us, and we need representatives who will fight to make sure we’re not getting overlooked.

I’ve lived in big cities, small towns, on rural ranchland, on the coast, and now about as far as you can get from the coast. I’m a big fan of the term “rural by choice.” I live here and started a business here because I want to, and I think others will too!

Talking about A Bolder Humboldt and the changes happening in town, NBC Nightly News, Fall 2017

I’ll fight to make sure rural District 9 has a voice in Topeka. I’ve never been one to keep an opinion to myself, and I can be a real squeaky wheel, which is what you want in a representative. Regardless of your party affiliation, I will be transparent about what’s happening in the legislature, and available to constituents.

I hope you’ll join me!

It’s time to invest in rural.